Our Marinade

Come and try our “ono-licious” teriyaki marinade made with prayer and aloha. This famous teriyaki marinade started in my home as a recipe for family gatherings. I did not realize how much other people enjoyed this product until i started selling my marinade at the local farmers market. What I share with people is that this marinade can be used on anything! No salt or pepper is necessary. It does the trick! If you are a senior citizen and you’ve forgotten how to cook, this marinade will save you! Husbands, if you truly want to bless your wives, cook a meal using this teriyaki marinade. Even children and young adults can cook a great dish with this marinade, you don’t need any fancy cookings skills. The marinade is on the sweeter side with a classic, local-style island flavor. It’s a tasty twist to your traditional teriyaki marinades, trust me when I say one bite of anything with this marinade will hook you in. Fish, pork, chicken, beef, vegetables, even scrambled eggs! This marinade tastes great on anything.

And come visit us at the Wednesday Farmers Market in Waimea when you are visiting the Island of Hawaii.


Aunty Kana’i